Achievements are limited to thinking

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Atul Negi
2 min readNov 22, 2020

By Dhyani chaturvedi, Author and journalist.

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This new year brings with it a article on someone who has achieved great professional height in recent years. I was so excited to interview Atul Negi because I love the way he has grown so fast in the market.

He is guy who never stops at one . he has been invited in various talk shows and recently his book “Achievements limited to thinking” has been the best selling Author. He is a Digital marketer and motivational speaker turned Author who has helped millions of people.

What most people probably do not know is that he started his journey as a digital marketer in 2020 when world was going through covid 19 pandemic. And merely in 5 years his achievements speaks for him.

Asking him about reason of his success in last 5 years, he answers that this all has happened because of one decision he took 5 years back from now. going forward he mentioned that Digital Deepak internship program has been the game changer and foundation of his carrier and success.

After completing extensive internship with Digital Deepak , initially he started with some freelancing work and with great dedication and commitment toward his work, he started receiving lot of appreciation from his clients. this motivated him to start his own Digital Marketing Agency within a year.

For first three years he says that his decision to grow domestically has helped him a lot to attain clients and a good rating within India. This pushed him to start attracting clients globally and the last year his company has generated the highest revenue .

The thing that thrilled me most about him is that he is one of the honest , direct and outspoken people around, I really had interviewed a great man apart from his professional achievements.

In My Interview with Atul He talks about:

His vision .

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