Hidden Facts of Marketing you must know -Secrets revealed

Atul Negi
11 min readDec 2, 2020

Right Marketing is providing value by understanding and timely capturing the needs of society.

Source : The staffing stream

This article will give you a better picture regarding the changes in the strategy and mediums of marketing depending on the nature of product and demographics of audience but fundamentals of marketing being the same.

Marketing has ever existed and evolved from the evolution of human in society. Human are social animals and this brings the need of products and services for our growth and existence.

The need of products and services for our growth and survival creates a cycle of opportunity and demand in the society. so any product or service irrespective of need is eventually going to fail in the market.

The Law of Marketing defines that marketing revolves around seeing your potential customer depending on the solution you could provide, understanding your customer present and future needs resulting in the creation of value adding products and services.

Marketing does not mean manipulation and providing low quality product or service rather it Aims at getting a trustworthy position in the minds of the customer. so when you know and deeply understand your customer requirements then your current customer is going to retain for future. this continuous process of holding trust of your customer by keeping valuable communication along with your services helps you to certain as a dignified brand in the market .

Communication is to key to marketing

Successful marketing is incomplete without a healthy communication of your thoughts , ideas and services. even if you have come up with a great product and people are not aware of it or rather you are not able to communicate and reach to people mind , it is not going to work. on the contrary if you have a good product and you can reach to your audience mind with proper communication, it will not only wins trust of people but will also add value to you as a brand.

So if you are one of those who want to be a entrepreneur, you must have a marketing mind and fundamentals must be cleared.

Economy has been changing with the time. same way with the changes and development , traditional approaches and strategies has also been accompanied with modern mediums and tools of marketing.

We all live in Digital era and this brings and gives a strong stand to digital marketing.

But are we all really living in Digital era?

Does modernity of this era has really touched everyone in the world?

Facts are that only a very small no. of population is confined to Digital era. the major portion of population are still living their life in the villages and are very far from modern tools and amenities.

Whether you live in Tier 1 cities or in villages — you can see marketing of products and services done depending on the nature of product and target audience. it can be either a Traditional way of doing it or moving with the digital medium.

Traditional vs Digital marketing — You should you go with?

Source : Lyfe marketing

Reaching out to your customer on right time with right message and most vitally through right medium plays a vital role in the results.

By gaining clarity on the digital vs traditional marketing aspect, a business can get a better idea of which marketing method is appropriate and how it is should be applied. For instance, if you decide to use Digital marketing to build your brand and increase your customer base, you could do it yourself or hire a reputed digital marketing firm like pixel track to take care of it. The firm is owned by India’s no.1 Digital marketer Mr. Deepak kanakaraju — Digital Deepak.

Traditional marketing is nothing new as it’s a form of marketing that we have been exposed to at one point or another. It is a conventional mode of marketing that helps to reach out to a semi-targeted audience with various offline advertising and promotional methods.

Traditional marketing is a type of marketing that is includes the traditional ads we encounter on a daily basis.

  1. Print (magazines, newspapers, etc.)
  2. Broadcast (TV, radio, etc.)
  3. Direct Mail (catalogues, postcards, etc.)
  4. Telephone (telemarketing, SMS marketing, etc.)
  5. Outdoor (billboards, fliers, etc.)

Traditional marketing heavily rely on the infamous four P’s of marketing: product, price, place, and promotion.

whereas Digital marketing has added people to matrix of 5 P’s of marketing: people, product, price, platform(place is replaced by platform),promotion.

It’s important to consider the drawbacks of traditional marketing over digital marketing. downside of traditional marketing is that you can not personalize the communication . whereas digital marketing can be customized as per targeted audience.

Digital marketing is cost effective and can give specific and measurable results. You can track the leads and conversion. you can encourage your prospects for specific results by customized communication.

Digital marketing is vital for the startups for brand building considering the cost factor. Digital marketing can be considered to be dominant medium of marketing in future for developing countries. Such possibility arose from data that comes from developed countries.

source : www.emarketer.com

So regardless of nature of your business or if you are a future entrepreneur, it is important to understand the dynamics of digital marketing over traditional marketing.

Now let ‘s talk about the important marketing funnel this is called CATT Marketing Funnel.

CATT Marketing Funnel

A marketing funnel describes your customer’s journey with you. By evaluating your funnels, you can potentially drive greater sales, more loyalty, and stronger brand awareness.

This funnel is based on wealth which is totally based on a selection of a niche.

One formula is used here to describe the funnel.

Wealth= n^ CATT

where n= niche which you choose

Here everything is based on your niche which you choose. Because according to this formula your wealth is directly proportional to your niche. So your success and wealth depend on your niche.

Here C stands for Content:- Create attractive content which will always attracts people from your niche. you can share content through blog posts, live webinars etc.

Here A stands for Attention:-To get high traffic or engagement with the help of SEO, Social Media, paid ads etc.

Here T stands for Trust:- Build trust among your audience with the help of automation and retargeting. one of the methods is deep marketing. You send out personalized communication time to time and stay connected with your audience ,it actually means that you customer is actually looking out for your product and service.

Here T stands for Transaction:- So when niche selection is done and you have right targeting and have built trust with the audience sales happen naturally, you don’t have to make manipulation, because your customer already have trust on you and he knows that product or services offered are of high value. Convert your leads into a customer with the help of natural sales method.

This Shows that niche selection plays a vital role in marketing to make money.

Your niche lies in where you have combination of talent and passion for something along with the availability of market for the same. if you lack in either of it it will be a complete fail.

A integrated framework is required to run the above CATT funnel to have the best possible outcome you expect it to deliver.

Digital marketing has many modules or channels to arrive at desired results. every module is vast in itself and instead of choosing a one channel it would be prudent of you to bring cohesive environment where all channels work in alignment with each other. this cohesive alignment of modules will give a steady and continuous speed required.

All the following modules need to be integrated in a framework.

Source : lyfe marketing
  1. Search Engine Marketing (PPC)
  2. Search Engine Optimization (Organic Traffic)
  3. Email Marketing
  4. Social Media Marketing
  5. Digital Display Marketing
  6. Content Marketing

Integrated digital marketing — Lets understand it better

  • Content is the centralized key to all components revolving around it. a good quality content that is to the point and engaging your audience to read further. it should be like a conversation or a talk you have with someone. it should give a feel to the reader that it is directly personalized for him/her. this things build trust and confidence of prospect to turn in to a customer. when a prospect or people come to your content through your blog or other medium you can ask them for their email address and details.
  • Email stands out best at retargeting your prospect and your customer. once you have the Email list built through your contents you can use it to communicate regarding your products and services and not only this but it indirectly keeps a strong hold of yours on your customer. when you publish a new content you can entirely send it to your email list and most of them are going to come back to your content (your blog, YouTube channel etc.)
  • Social Media: Any content shared in the social media will bring new prospects, if they like your content they will again share it. People may not be in a mood to transact in a social environment, but it helps get honest feedback about a product or service and listen to the needs of the customers.
  • Search engine helps you to have ranking. this process comes in flow when people again and again will come back to your content and to your website, this enables the content or the website to get listed on the search engines. this to and fro motion of people will send signals to search engine regarding the content and if people search for similar content then your content might come to them, because search engine will start ranking you.
  • Ads — Instead of directly advertising your product or service through any medium the better way is to run paid ads on your content.

therefore this complete framework revolves around content, so content is the king of the framework and keen attention is required for a great content enabling the complete framework work.

Let’s move to the concept of the personal brand which has major impacts on marketing or digital marketing.

Personal Branding

The Best known will always beat the best.

This is of great importance to market yourself to build a personal brand. if you have talent and great potential then no body get to know it unless you market yourself. when you are good at marketing yourself as a brand people will reach out to you and will start seeing you as a influencer or a role model.

People would love to hear you , they would like to have a direct communication from you. this personal branding will give a trust to your audience in you.

You as a brand in yourself can have many sub — brands and it then won’t be difficult for you to attract customer for your products and services you offer. The best example that comes to my mind of a personal brand of recent times is Yoga Guru BABA Ramdev.

Baba Ramdev marketed his talent of yoga in a different manner, very different from rest of the yoga guru that we don't even no existed or not and with due course of time when people started learning yoga and getting attracted in masses, slowly slowly in the same time he started offering various ayurvedic products and at present product chain is so huge that it has a direct competition with one of the biggest companies Hindustan liver.

Any product now offered by the sub brand Patanjali of Baba Ramdev is now blindly consumed because Baba Ramdev has set himself as a strong personal brand in the niche of ayurvedic products.

There is process of evolution of a personal brand

Evolution of a brand as a personal brand goes through a process.

  1. learn : Foundation of a personal brand comes with learning a skill and mastering it over time and practicing a skill in real world.
  2. Work: everything that you have learnt over the course of time , you must go from it’s practice to implementation, implementing it in the real world will give you a better understanding and experience around it.
  3. Blog : When you start implementing what you have learnt in the real scenario then you gain certain experience and on the basis of that experience , when you put all your learning in a blogpost, then your content stands out and attracts audience. when you start writing from you learnings and experience , people start looking up at you and start seeing you as a brand.
  4. Consult : when people start seeing you as a brand through your blogs , your content and you are continuously working and implementing your ideas in the market, then you can start with giving consultation to others.
  5. Mentor: consulting happens one to one and mentoring happens one to many. this stage only comes after you go through the complete stage of evolution. you can skip stages , if you learn something and start teaching it without having practical experience of market then eventually it is going to fail completely.

The more and more you go on through every stage the more refined version of you will come out.it never ends as learning never ends.

Key takeaways : I have dedicated myself for the learning of marketing — digital marketing and all it’s concepts and will keep on growing my marketing skills. what about you?

Marketing is a art to learn as early as possible. it is a never ending never fading carrier pathway. whether you are or you see yourself as a entrepreneur in future

start learning with the fundamentals.

Fundamentals of marketing never changes irrespective of the mode of marketing.

Digital marketing is the dominant mode of marketing in future for developing countries and present of developed countries.

Integrated framework of digital marketing is the best approach that drives CATT funnel.

Content marketing is the centralized key to rest of the components.

Start learning a skill from today once you learn it go and implement it in the market, the more and more you go through evolution the best of you will come out, and the day when you can see talent and passion for something and a potential market of it start marketing yourself .

Personal brand are always a win against branding a company.

Marketing depends on perception and people only see people for it.